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Fire ‘n’ Hot

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Fire ‘n’ Hot Slots

Fire isn’t an element anyone should play with lightly, for to forget its aggressive nature is to get burned. But it’s so hard to stop ourselves from getting scolded when such tempting slot machines fall into our laps. Fire ‘n’ Hot is a blistering online activity that will have you cracking open the windows and stripping down to your birthday suit, the gameplay on the 5-reels too intense for those not used to the heat.

Adding to the allure of the dancing flames, players have a retro design to connect with, allowing young gamers to experience old school gaming for the first time. And those who do remember, to relive it with clarity. To make it a vivid experience for anyone playing, traditional graphics have been applied to every square of the grid, with the fruits looking how they did on the day they were first designed.

Many of the fruits will only give euros to add to the bank, but a couple of them will start some extra features in motion that’ll add a bit of spice to the boiling hot meal you’re cooking. Don’t expect to see complex bonus levels like in some contemporary titles, but a more gentle exploration of the traditional symbols of classic slots.

Mystery Scatter

With the features so fresh in your mind, we thought it best to discuss them prior to anything else, with the Mystery Scatter being the best of the two. It’s easy to assume that the scatter will do nothing other than throw a handful of spins your way, but this tile is the door to the bonus level.

You can find between three and five symbols, as is standard for all of the paytable icons. Although you can’t change how many of the stars you find, the more of them is better as they affect the outcome of the bonus. The number of symbols that activated the game will appear on the screen, you click one and a symbol is revealed, with the other symbols changing to match. When they’ve all been converted their totals will be added up.

Still Hot

In regards to the rest of the paytable, there are still eight more left, with only the wild not giving any money. Don’t get confused by the wild symbol and the other 7 tile, for they may use the same imagery but what they offer is different; you can identify them by their colours. The red 7, a regular customer in vintage games, is the highest paying tile.

As for what it can pay out, that depends on what you bet; if you’re paying the lowest amount the sum is 80 coins, but the top stake gets you an astonishing 20,000 credits. If there’s one thing that Tom Horn always do well, it’s making their cash prizes worthwhile, rewarding those that give the game their all.

Action From Below

The reels may be the most happening place, but below them is where you command the action. Your bet is what decides the pace with which you play, with every increase in funds making the title that more exciting. Seeing as the paylines are fixed into place, the stake is the only aspect that you can customise here. Your choice being 0.10 all the way to 25 coins; as it’s simple to set the figures yourself, the max bet widget becomes obsolete.

The autospins do provide slightly more customisation, but only in the sense of you being able to set how many waves should be played. If you can’t easily decide the number to play with, you can tap the auto option and let them roll for the foreseeable future.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

If we recap on the game, you can see that it isn’t about to steal any thunder from more successful titles, but that’s okay as it really doesn’t need to. Fire ‘n’ Hot hasn’t been made to challenge the top spot, it’s been created to give users an alternative whenever they need it.

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What is more, it’s an activity that can be taken or left when the mood suits you, meaning you never get overly attached to it. Games that have an obsessive quality about them become stressful after prolonged periods of play, but you don’t have to fear this happening with this particular Tom Horn game.

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